Your very own branded product line.

Look to Yourline for excellent sales, outstanding profits and the most satisfied customers. Yourline is a true manufacturer of diamond jewelry composed of platinum, 18k and 14k metals. Our team has created a sample line of classic and designer-looking pieces. These initial items are a perfect place from which to start building your own in-store collection. Our design capabilities allow you to create your very own signature collection to satisfy your customers and enhance your reputation as an excellent place to purchase fine jewelry.

Our Trusted Clients

Yourline Jewelry has been a tremendous partner when it comes to established our in house brand. They offer capabilities to create one-of-a-kind products (specifically bridal semi-mountings) that set Moyer apart, at a competitive price. We have also shown success with their finished designs, improving not only our margin, but sell through in diamond fashion jewelry. Great service and communication solidifies the partnership.

Moyer Fine Jewelers, Carmel, Indiana

We are proud to sell the collection that Yourline has made exclusively for us. Yourline’s quality of product and professional service has made them one of the best lines we carry.

Yelton Fine Jewelers, West Chester, Ohio

Jonathan and the Yourline team are great to work with. A great company for CAD and custom work. It’s a great partnership!

Hale’s Jewelers, Greenville, South Carolina